June 2018 - H.urna Core C++ is Available !

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    Hurna Core C++ Dashboard

    Have you ever wanted to whether:

    • Learn modern C++.
    • Get a base project to practice your job interview coding skills.
    • Have a great open source material to build your own best quality software and work-flow with no proprietary dependencies nor costs.

    H.urna Core is what you have been looking for !

    H.urna Core is a relatively small open source template project that uses modern C++. It is implemented as a cross-platform, easy to build, full headed library containing some of the most known Algorithms and Data Structures.

    It uses best practices software development (cross-building, unit testing, automated documentation…); giving you a great caveat to start developing with the promise to conserve great quality standards. Please note that all the possible dependencies included are open-source and free to use:

    Automated, Customized, Documentation Generation: CMake, Doxygen, Bootstrap-Doxygen
    Automated Building, Cross Building, Portability: CMake
    Bug Tracking System, Code Reviews: Git
    Coding Style, Coding Standard: CppLint
    Code Coverage, Code Quality, Dashboarding, Monitoring: CDash, CTest, GTest
    Statical analysis: Cppcheck
    Proper Folders Structure - Consistency
    Testing, Unit Testing (UT), Test-Driven Development (TDD): CMake, GTest
    Version Control System: Git

    Follow the link:


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