Release H.urna Explorer 1.1.1 - UX and performance improvements !

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    Hi folks, a new version of H.urna Explorer is online !

    As suggested and requested by users, the interface is simplified and fluidified to provide a better user experience.

    alt text

    • Visualizations are now automatically loaded on start
    • H.urna lessons are now tied with each visualization module
    • Multiples tabs are removed for a cleaner view
    • Configuration buttons and players are separated
    • Reset command is improved to avoid multiple clicks

    During this process, we also have greatly optimized the time loading for each module.
    Do not hesitate to have a tour :

    PS : We are still preparing some cheat sheets, exercises, corrections and a new Games to introduce mathematics to young children. Follow us on Medium and Facebook to stay up to date.

    H.urna - Promoting Knowledge

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