April 2018 - Hurna is Alive!

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    Countdown is down… H.urna is alive!

    There is computer instructions, mathematical formulas, physical concepts we want to understand while we cannot look at directly.

    H.urna transforms those abstract objects into something which human minds and senses may easily use;

    making the cognitive process faster, more efficient and powerful.

    Give a try to the online demo:


    To get a quick preview first, have a look to the ‘Namaste’ video:


    Please allow us to use a citation from Albert Einstein:

    "It is a supreme art […] to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

    We’d like you to join our user community to play, teach, learn and work with H.urna.

    Let us know your experience, H.urna will continue growing to offer you always more to explore.

    To Contact us: http://hurna.io/contact.html


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