Release H.urna Explorer 1.0.7 !

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    H.urna Explorer has been updated: just go to to enjoy it online.

    The main changes:

    Bug Fix on moving the mouse to the edge of a maze (negative index)
    Bug Fix when memory was handling too much objects (now packing)
    New API for labyrinth generation and interpretation
    Significant improvement in memory and computation performances
    Disabling the default grid display when creating Labyrinths
    Home Screen

    Accompanying this:

    Web pages loading of our sites have been greatly optimized.
    Source code for labyrinth generations will be made available in H.urna Core C ++ this week.
    The H.urna Lib C ++ library will soon be available in Beta version to be used in H.urna Explorer to visualize your own algorithms.

    Then, we are already working on the next major evolution: Introduction to block-by-block programming in the Explorer.

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