Quadratic equation solver with our Virtual Teacher Globo

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    After Linear equations, Hurna offers you here a mathematical solver and visualizer with step-by-step explanation for quadratic equations!

    Use Globo our virtual teacher to help you on your Quadratic (polynomials of degree two, or Second Order) equation homework’s.

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    Get access to the full lesson on solving quadratic equation and handle trajectories (cf. Newton - Kinematic) https://wiki.hurna.io/mathematics/quadratic_equation.html

    Jump in Hurna Explorer to practice and visualize yourself any quadratic equations.

    Why understanding quadratic equations?

    • To compute all kind of trajectories (ball, angry bird, jump from a cliff, planets…).
    • To compute all kind of optimizations such as maximizing profits on market. - To calculate the power going through electrical circuit.
    • Designing telescopes, lenses, curved mirror, camera.
    • The golden ratio is found as the positive solution of the quadratic equation x² - x - 1 = 0. (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci’s illustrations on the Divine Proportion, the famous golden spiral, Fibonacci sequence…)
    • The Taxman, a quite unpleasant invention we still endure today (ref. Babylonians).

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