Linear equation solver and graphic visualizer with step-by-step explanations

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    Many people think that equations and algebra are obscure and use some esoteric languages. Truth is that equations are actually relatively simple concepts; knowing the base rules of the game and a bit of practice, you can learn to manipulate and solve them in a snap.

    Hurna propose you here a mathematical equation solver and visualizer with step-by-step explanation. It can help in learning concepts. It can help giving you graphical visualization of algebraic operation. It can be used as a simple day-to-day calculator or for double-checking the solution. In short, it makes learning and teaching math very easy.

    alt text

    Indeed, it solves your math equations step-by-step like a teacher would.

    Whether you are a teacher, a parent or a student, you may found this tool very useful.

    Jump in Hurna Explorer to practice and visualize yourself any equations.

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